Explore, The Edgeworth Inn


Explore, The Edgeworth Inn


Great emphasis is placed on preservation in the village; not only of the priceless historic wooden cottages, but also on the spirit of the era. All of the plantings at the Inn were selected by a local botanist who has ascertained that they are indigenous to the area. The lush setting of the village is meticulously maintained exactly as it would have been over one hundred years ago. Most of the handsome cottages in the Monteagle Assembly remain in the family for generations unchanged, but lovingly tended. Newness is considered ostentatious in the village. The innkeepers at the Edgeworth Inn are still “newcomers” after more than a decade. There are advantages to being a newcomer in a village such as this, however with a tradition of welcoming the world with open arms.

In the village, commercialism is kept practically nonexistent under the watchful eyes of a diligent Board of Directors engaged by and with preservation and quality of life concerns. Many families still come for the entire Summer Season and pride themselves on the environment their children and grandchildren share with them. It is not necessary for the children to leave the grounds, or even to carry cash to buy anything. With the distractions of the twentieth century and the perpetual noise of the city left behind, everyone is granted the opportunity to become reacquainted with their own special talents and individuality, while encouraging the bonds of friendship and communication with others and with nature.


The Monteagle area has a number of adventures just waiting for you. Nestled forty-five miles northwest of Chattanooga and eighty-five miles southeast of Nashville, Monteagle Mountain is a majestic region that has not been left untouched by the passage of time.

Cumberland Recreation Area, with over 300 acres of National Parks woodland, features memorable sites including the Great Stone Door, Lost Cove Cave, Cathedral Falls, Fiery Gizzard Trail. Sewanee Natural Bridge and a gazebo at Warren Point with a truly breath-taking view of three states. There are 150 miles of hiking trails suitable for a casual stroll or a serious hike.

On the other side of the assembly grounds, is the Monteagle Assembly Bluff overlook. The trail is approximately a mile long and offers one of the most impressive views of the area. The trail itself features beautiful plant life and various forms of wild life.

Foster Falls is also very close. Foster Falls is a wonderful afternoon excursion that consists of another breathtaking view. Follow the trail about 3/4 a mile down to the base of the Falls. On most days you can follow the trail behind the falls for a real adventure. Backpacking Magazine has named the Fiery Grizzard Trail, which got its name from Davy Crocket, one of the top 10 hiking trails in the Eastern United States. Savage Gulf is the state of Tennessee’s largest wildlife preserve?


South Cumberland State Recreation Area has a number of special events each month.

The Monteagle Assembly offers a varied program of activities for all ages as well as tennis, swimming and private hiking trials. View the history, traditions, education, religious mission of the Monteagle Sunday School Assembly and the Assembly’s 2006 Summer Schedule of Events are here: Monteagle Assembly Program

Sewanee Summer Concert Series and Music Festival is an annual event held at the University of the South. Details can be found here.

Sewanee Writer’s Conference: Every July, a group of more than 100 students of writing gathers on the idyllic mountaintop campus of the University of the South. During a whirlwind two-week period, these participants talk about the craft of writing with some of this country’s finest novelists, poets, playwrights, and professionals in the publishing field. Details can be found here.

Explore, The Edgeworth Inn


The University of the South in Sewanee is just six miles away from the village. You will find charming antebellum homes surrounding the campus, which is worth visiting in of itself. The centuries-old stone buildings on the campus seem to transport you to Cambridge or Oxford. The University has one of the finest libraries in the Southeast, and a music program that rivals Juliard and Oberlin. The frequent and varied concerts at Sewanee are world-class events; during your stay you may even have the opportunity to enjoy the debut performance of a violin concerto, a faculty brass recital or a jazz band in full swing.

Once you have experienced the calm of this locale, you will never want to leave it behind. There are a number of antique shops in the area for the many people who want a reminder of the Victorian era in their homes.